Sunday, February 28, 2016

Outlander Block for March is up and a wee note about coming attractions

This month she has a quote from the first book about this scent.  Makes me want to read them all over again (I've read them 2 times already.....)

I've found a bunch of US printed 19th Century conversationals (Cocheco, American Print Works and Old Pacific Print Works), pictures only, unfortunately--all at the Smithsonian.  I'll be posting soon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

19th Century conversationals .....crescent to floral

Some of these may be duplicates of previously posted fabrics.  It includes more pictures of the 19th Century shirt made from Edmund Potter 'cheater' fabric.  It's a men's shirt and it's at a museum in UK (can't think of which one at the moment, possibly in Derbyshire)
 1885 American Print Works, Fall River, Mass. Judie Rothermel did this one circa 2003.

 1883 Edmund Potter & Son, Manchester, UK

 1883 Edmund Potter 'cheater'

 1883 Edmund Potter 'cheater'


Originally posted on Civil War by Barbara Brackman.  Judie Rothermel did this one in 2000, Miniature Collectables.

Originally posted on Civil War by Barbara Brackman

 1883 J.C.F (silk)

 1885 Hazlet

 1845, France

 late 19th entury

 1850, UK toile, Storming the Bastille





1882 Bayley & Craven, UK



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Outlander block 2 is out--Jaime's Ghost!

Link to designer's blog is to the right (Lazy Daisy quilts..and reads).  She doesn't let us follow by email so I'm doing this so you won't forget (as I have in the past with some BOMs.)  Jaime is wonderful and I can see Claire at the window!  I may have to read these books all over again.  I'm thinking about buying the DVD for Season 1 (I'm guessing 2 should be starting soon.....I don't get Showtime)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More 19th Century eye candy (cats to corn)

I know it's been a long time, but I've been traveling, including cruising with Princess (so decadent, I love it)
1883 Edmund Potter, Manchester

 1883 Edmund Potter 'cheater', shirt
I would dearly love to have this fabric, I don't even own the shirt, just found the picture on the web.  Isn't it wonderful?

1884 Graton & Co

1883 Ikat, UK

 1901 France

 1883 Ikat in different color, UK

 1883 American Print Works, MA

1883 Arnold

 late 19th Century


1883 Grafton & Co

 1885 Pacific

1884 Dalglish, Falconer & Co, Scotland

 no date, no manufacturer, but so cute!

1883, detail


 1883 Grafton & Co

fly away balloon!

1885 Schwabe & Son

 Conversation Quilt circa 1900 (tied)
Wish I owned this one, just have a picture from the web.  I do own a few of the fabrics--the ones I have are from American Print Works, Fall River, Massachusetts from the 1880s.  I see some from Edmund Potter, Manchester, UK too.

1901 Bourdon, Legendre, and Co. Paris, France
Any favorites??  Enjoy