Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beginner's Quilt Along (it's a Mystery!)

Hi all,
Pat Sloan & Michelle at Quilting Gallery Blog ( are hosting a Mystery Quilt a long (see link button on the side at the right)--join us.  I haven't decided for sure what fabrics I'll be using but I'm leaning towards either South Sea's Essential Scrolls (I have oodles) or Northcott's Stonehenge (also oodles of these)!!  I'd use Pat's Eat Your Fruits and Veggies (especially the batiks) but they are not out yet!!  If you want a sneak peek at these Pat's lucious fabrics (and seriously cool pattern!) look here:
gotta go!
Block 1 is up (9 patch) "Play a Game of Hopscotch"


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Challege

Here's my May Challege from smallquilts group (Kathy Tracy)--perfect for a Tea break with a biscuit (cookie) or two!  Gee, sitting on top of the bed with Mrs. Clevelands Choice, guess you can't tell I like burgundy and blue 1800s, can you!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Reindeer Games-- Dasher

Block #2 is out (Dancer from Barb and Extra #1 from Caroll, both are darling):
applique version (we have 2: Dasher and Dancer)
and redwork/emb:
(2: Dasher and Extra #1, sew cute)
all 4 still available.  Here's my version of Dasher--plan to use green and red (maybe gold) backgrounds for the emb. version.....ignore all the strings......

Monday, May 21, 2012

Here are my prizes!

Okay--got the camera battery recharged:  Here are the prizes I got, different book than expected, but also got 2 patterns, some betweens and darling labels--not sure why, but I'm loving it!  Thanks Snoodles!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I won a prize!!

I won a drawing from Snoodles at Lillypad Quilting (
Got back from a Mom's Day visit to Sacramento to see my DS and DDs and the grands  and when I got back, oh my--not just the book I was expecting (Fast and Fun Quilts from  Martingale Publishing) but also, quilting needles (betweens), a really cute pattern and...obviously I need to recharge my camera battery and post a piccie of all the goodies!!!  Sew Delighted!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilter's Gallery

I have entered my Stars Galore quilt into this weeks Quilting Gallery weekly contest. I would appreciate it if you could follow the LINK and vote for my quilt. Voting ends at 11.59 Sunday night. Thank you in advance to everyone.  There are some really beautiful quilts there to see--you get to vote for 4 (it would be nice if one of your votes was for Stars Galore!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

About the quilt at the top

It occurs to me that I never wrote a blog about the quilt I chose for the top.  It's called Stars Galore and I made it during the summer I was In the 'Quilt Blocks on American Barns' Block Party with Eleanor Burns.  El runs a 'Block Party' every year to test her patterns (for books and lately also for her Signature patterns.)  Pics below are 6" blocks quilt (made the book!!!), the 3" blocks followed by the 12" blocks that made a generous queen-size.

In May 2009 she gave us the Americana Star block to test and, somewhat tongue in cheek, suggested I make a bedsize quilt out of it.  (I'm afraid I've developed a reputation of being an over-achiever.)  Well, I went home (some 300 miles away from Quilt in a Day and class.....) and made my block in 12", 6" and 3" size.  I had decided I needed the additional challenge of converting all the blocks really small, had just gotten into small quilts. 

After doing those, I thought, what the heck and grabbed some red/white/blue fabrics and got started.  After making several American Star blocks I made a 'mistake' and put the wrong color in the middle of the little star (blue, rather than white).  Oh no, what to do, fix it?  No!  A new design is born.  Then, tired of all those flying geese (I almost called the quilt 'Too many geese'!) I took a look at the 6" version, scaled it up to a 12" finished block and made a bunch for my alternate blocks (has 4 few geese per block!!!!).  Sashing--I need to figure sashing....decided to add star points to the cornerstones, looks like an X from a distance, but you can see the stars close-up!
On design wall in progress
Finished up the sashing and decided to do the ribbon border from Victory Quilts (same size quilt so it worked out really easy--don' tknow the name of the part but you use the QST and HST part of Hope of Hartford to make the ribbon border.  Need to take a pic!  See finished version up top!  (It made the book, her TV show and even Quilt mag.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

First Bandana Quilt!

Here's the first one I made.  Used 4 different, but color coordinated bandanas for this one.  Previous post shows one with only 2 different bandanas (2 of each)
These are so fast and so much fun.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May

It's May, it's May
Recently, a blog I went to wanted to know what my first Baby Quilt was.  The first several baby quilts I made were from bandanas.  I've been thinking of writing a pattern/how to.  So fast and fun!  Make great gifts.  Grab 4 color coordinated bandanas and go for it!  After all, they are 100% cotton (and I bought a bunch at Wally world for around 50 cents, if memory serves!)