Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Recently Acquired 19th Century Conversational Repros

I'm always looking for more of these (didn't start collecting fabric until around 2001 or so except for OZ fabric...but that's another story)
I recently purchased a few pieces and was gifted some as well (including the bicycles from Kona Bay from 1993, yeah!!)
 Alex Anderson (I have this in red, black and cream background)

 Ascot (also have red background)

 Judie Rothermel version (Antique conversational by RJR version has brown basket)

 Celetial by Windham

 Concord Fabrics detail

 Concord fabrics showing size

 Clothworks Just For fun

 Judie Rothermel

 Judie Rothermel

 Judie Rothermel

 Vintage Shirtings circa 1860

 Primitive Gatherings Old Glory

 Primitive Gatherings Old Glory

 Just for fun Clothworks

 Classic Conversational Judie Rothermel
 Wine & Cheese Windham (also have on cream)


Friday, September 18, 2015

19th Century conversationals with people--a favorite theme!

 1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester

 1883 Ledeboer Bros.

1883 McNaughton and Thorn, Manchester



 1880 (love the fiddle)

 1883 McNaughton & Thorn, Manchester

 1883 McNaughton & Thorn, Manchester

 1883 Rossendale Printing

 1883 John L Kennedy & Co, Manchester.  Hey Diddle Diddle!

 1883 John L Kennedy & Co, Manchester



 1885 Schwabe & Son

 1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester
 Schwabe & Son
Okay, so the nursery rhyme one (Hey Diddle Diddle) doesn't have people in it, but since the dish and spoon are anthropomorphized I couldn't resist add them in with these!  Wonder where 'the little dog laughed' is!  Any favorites among these?  Let me know, I always love hearing from you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sewing with El

Well, it's been a week since I went down to San Marcos for Block Party with El.  El had gone into hospital for tests following the morning class so we had Orion teaching the new blocks--he was very funny!  Now that her surgery is over and was successful I feel a bit better about posting my 'homework' from last week.  I've been so worried.

  She has been doing 'Quilts from El's Attic' which has mostly been 30s quilts but this month included Goose on the Pond and she had one quilt from the turn of the last Century and there was a 19th Century conversational print in a couple of blocks--too cool!  You don't get to see these very often as they were primarily used for childrens' clothing and items.  I may have to use some of my conversationals in my September quilt!  The 3 blocks/quilts this month were Goose in the Pond, Crow's Nest & Arrow Blocks.
August class had 3 different fans so I made a few of each style and put them together in a very modern setting, just for fun.  I used 30s conversationals for these.  Here's "30s fans meet 21st Century", I may add more fans....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Conversationals with Birds (more than 100 years old)

Birds were a favorite for 19th Century Conversationals between 1881 and 1901
 1883 Bayley & Craven

 1884 W Crum & Co., Scotland

 1901 Manchester, UK


 1885 Haslet & Co.

 1883 Grafton & Co.




 1883 Bayley & Craven, Manchester

 1883 Rumey & Co.




 Schwabe & Son, UK


 Schwabe & son, Manchester, UK

 1884 (Lovely stripe!)
One of these days I'll remember to rotate the pictures before I upload them!  Fortunately you can still see the birds!