Monday, December 17, 2012

Block 29 Ready to Move at Any Moment (page 127) Civil War Anniversary Quilts

Block 29 (#127) Ready to Move at Any Moment (page 257 & 111)

3 fabrics

A Green in picture
B Purple in picture
C Gold in picture

A (green) Four 2” squares
    1 squares @ 4 3/6” cut on both diagonals QST for flying geese units method #1


     4 rectangles 2 X 3 ½” for geese


    1 square 4 ½” if you have Quilt in a Day small or mini geese ruler

    1 7/8” square cut on one diagonal (small center triangles)

    2 7/8” square cut on 1 diagonal (large center triangles)

B (purple) 4 squares @ 2 3/8” cut on one diagonal (HST) for geese


   8 squares @ 2” for geese method #2


    1 square @ 6” for Quilt in a Day method

C (gold) 1 15/16” X 3 5/16” rectangle

Make 4 geese:

Sew 2 B HST to each side of A QST for geese. Make 4 geese


Put 2” B squares on end of A rectangle and sew on diagonal, trim. Repeat on other side. Make 4 geese


Center A square right sides together on B square. Draw one diagonal. Sew ¼” on either side of drawn line. Cut on drawn line and press towards the large triangle. Put resulting “squares” right sides together with opposite colors against each other. Align the sides of the squares (you should have large geese tails hanging out!) Draw a diagonal line across seam. Sew ¼” on either side of this line. Cut apart. Fold in half and cut to sewing line (to press easier)--Press away from ‘geese’ (A) . Now trim the 4 geese using QIAD ruler or to 2” X 3 ½” (1 ½” X 3” finished) eing sure to leave ¼“ at the point!. If you haven’t done this before you can get the proper instructions at :

Sew small A triangles to short ends of C rectangle. Sew large A triangles to long sides of center rectangle--trim to 3 ½” square if necessary.

Sew 2 flying geese to opposite sides of center unit.

Sew 2” squares to either side of remaining two geese. Sew these units to remaining two sides of block to make your star.

Since this was soooo late, just thought I’d give you some options (I used El’s mini geese ruler, my favorite method for making geese!)

Block 28 Fear Not (page 126 & 110) Civil War Anniversary Quitls

Block 28 Fear Not (#126) page 256 & 110

3 fabrics

A red in picture

B blue in picture

C cream with image in center

A 2 squares @ 2 ¾” cut both diagonals (triangles)

4 strips 1 9/16” X 3 ¼” (trim later)

B 4 squares @ 2 ½” cut on one diagonal (large HST)

1 square @ 2 ¾ cut on both diagonals

1 square @ 3 ¾” cut on both diagonals (you will only use 2 of these large quarter-square triangles, see note)--for sewing to center rectangle

1 square @ 3 ¼” cut on both diagonals (you will use only 2 of the small quarter-square triangles, see note), for sewing to center rectangle

C 2 ½” X 3” image (center image)

1. Sew 2 large B (blue) Quarter-square triangles to each of the long sides of rectangle center. Press out

2. Sew 2 small B (blue) Quarter-square triangles to each of the short sides of rectangle center. Press out

NOTE: I just used the larger size quarter-square triangles and trimmed the center down to a square.

3. Sew large B HST diagonal to each side of red strip--be sure to let ¼” hang out at same end of strip! Make 4

4. Sew A (red) triangle (diagonal side) to each side of unit in step 3, let tips hang out! Make 4

5. Sew B (blue) triangle to each side of 2 of the units from step 4 (one of the short sides, see picture)

6. Sew remaining 2 units from step 4 to opposite sides of center unit from step 2. Press out

7. Sew units from step 5 to remaining two sides. Then trim to 6 ½” with corners of block in the center of the A (red) strips.

Whew! Done! Now go read page 110!  Sorry I'm so late, life got in the way!!