Monday, December 17, 2012

Block 28 Fear Not (page 126 & 110) Civil War Anniversary Quitls

Block 28 Fear Not (#126) page 256 & 110

3 fabrics

A red in picture

B blue in picture

C cream with image in center

A 2 squares @ 2 ¾” cut both diagonals (triangles)

4 strips 1 9/16” X 3 ¼” (trim later)

B 4 squares @ 2 ½” cut on one diagonal (large HST)

1 square @ 2 ¾ cut on both diagonals

1 square @ 3 ¾” cut on both diagonals (you will only use 2 of these large quarter-square triangles, see note)--for sewing to center rectangle

1 square @ 3 ¼” cut on both diagonals (you will use only 2 of the small quarter-square triangles, see note), for sewing to center rectangle

C 2 ½” X 3” image (center image)

1. Sew 2 large B (blue) Quarter-square triangles to each of the long sides of rectangle center. Press out

2. Sew 2 small B (blue) Quarter-square triangles to each of the short sides of rectangle center. Press out

NOTE: I just used the larger size quarter-square triangles and trimmed the center down to a square.

3. Sew large B HST diagonal to each side of red strip--be sure to let ¼” hang out at same end of strip! Make 4

4. Sew A (red) triangle (diagonal side) to each side of unit in step 3, let tips hang out! Make 4

5. Sew B (blue) triangle to each side of 2 of the units from step 4 (one of the short sides, see picture)

6. Sew remaining 2 units from step 4 to opposite sides of center unit from step 2. Press out

7. Sew units from step 5 to remaining two sides. Then trim to 6 ½” with corners of block in the center of the A (red) strips.

Whew! Done! Now go read page 110!  Sorry I'm so late, life got in the way!!

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