Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The bicycles were from Kona Bay!

I wrote to Kona Bay fabrics and sent the picture of the selvage I'd received from a fellow quilter.  I asked if any was available and if there was any chance they would do a reprint in the future (it's very different from what they print now!)  These delightful people (Barbara) actually responded.  Great company with wonderful customer service!  Just wish they would print this again!  See response below picture.

Aloha Sally,

The wonderful bicycle fabric you inquired about was printed in conjuction with the late Diana Leone, and will not be reprinted, per our Owner.

Have you tried (forgive me if I've mentioned this prior) or or other Fabric Finder search engines (if you type "fabric finding search engine" you will see a list of sites.  You will be able to post the picture of the fabric you submitted to us and that will help others know precisely the fabric you seek.

Best of luck in your search; it is a wonderful fabric, and one that I myself would have purchased!  It would be darling with a little bit of red in there I think.

Be sure to submit a picture of your completed project using this fabric for a chance to be included in the "What I did with my Kona Bay fabric" section in a future issue of
Fabric Vine magazine.


Kona Bay Fabrics

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th (okay, I forgot to post this!)

3" tumblers, 2014
(this one made it in El's book and Quilt! mag, too cool) 2009
2008 (pattern for wall hanging by El [Eleanor Burns] but not sure if she ever published it)  Here's my wallhanging:
last but not least
Better late than never!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

pics for Nancy

 1 yard (3)

 1 yard (4)

 1 yard (5)

 1 yd or more (1)-3yd of top one

 1 yard (2)

 1 yard (6)
 1/2 yd (2)-top one is the horse heads

 1/2 yd (1) bottom one is the Horse heads by Judie Rothermel
 have lots

 have 5 yards
If you click on pics you should be able to see them really well

Friday, July 3, 2015

Primitive Gatherings in CA (and Lots of conversationals 1800s prints in Austrailia)

Okay, I know I promised no more--but really I had to tell you about my trip to Primitive Gatherings in southern California (Murrieta Springs) and give you the website in Australia that has lots of Judie Rothermel' s Classic Conversationals and several RJR Antique Conversationals as well as others!
 click on Fabric collections and then on 'shirtings and conversationals)--about 60 all together including

 I have lots of this one
They also have the anchors from Lakeside Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings.  Which brings me to my trip to the 'new' shop.  OMG, I think they have almost every 1800s conversational repro they've ever done (thank you Lisa!!!)!  I bought some of the Snowman Gatherings II (brand new) and lots of fat quarters of Lakeside Gatherings, Snowman I, Seasonal Gatherings and even one with sheep all over it that I'd never seen before!  They also had a bunch of pre-cut tumblers (2 sizes--packs of 3", 60 lights for $7.50, darks for $9.00 and other packs of just blues or packs of lights and darks together.  Sew cool!  All except the sheep one are available online: