Saturday, July 4, 2015

pics for Nancy

 1 yard (3)

 1 yard (4)

 1 yard (5)

 1 yd or more (1)-3yd of top one

 1 yard (2)

 1 yard (6)
 1/2 yd (2)-top one is the horse heads

 1/2 yd (1) bottom one is the Horse heads by Judie Rothermel
 have lots

 have 5 yards
If you click on pics you should be able to see them really well


dq said...

Hello Sally,

I have been browsing your blog today trying to get to know my Row Quilt QAL group members. I just LOVE off of these fabrics you are showing me. I find it interesting that low volume prints are really "in" now and I have loved and used them for years. You have found some WONDERFUL pieces all of which I am drooling over.

Sally said...

Thanks. I've spent several years trying to track all of these down--still searching for ones from the 90s! Most of these were released in 2008 or later.