Sunday, October 23, 2016

It’s Creepy and It’s Crawly, It’s Eerie Nights!

We are in the Eerie Nights blog hop:
Here are my Halloween projects (sorry, I didn't manage to get the Sew Scary quilt finish, but I love the top!!)
This top was made with 3 of the 4 panels from the Sew Scary line--just too cool what J Wecker Frisch from Quilting Treasurers comes up with!  The panels were released last year but you can still find them online!  After cutting various motifs from the panels (letters and smaller designs) I laid them out on the design wall and started to put them together with strips of the background 'candy corn'--sewing motifs on bottom of main panel, add 2 1/2" strips to the side, add 1 1/2" strips between the next column of  motifs and add it to the larger column, add another strip to the side of this then add 2 1/2" strip to the top.  Add "Happy" plus 2 1/2" strip then add the small candle motif--add this column to the large size you've made.  The last column was staggered as I couldn't cut the letters a uniform size so added various size background strips to the letters first to the right and then to the left.  After completing the column, add to top and just add a border all around.  Great fun!

Here are a few projects I did mange to finish:
Easy placemats (5 @ 2 1/2" strips sewed together, snowball the corners, add leaf and faces, add borders.  I did make some pinwheel pockets for the napkins and flatware.  Lots of fun, great gift!

This one is adapted from Eleanor Burns "Apple Cake" pattern
Log cabin blocks are sooo versatile.

Check out what these artists have created for the Eerie Nights hop. There are also some lovely prizes
being given away as well. If  you missed the earlier ones, drop in and visit! (Thanks for bringing this to all of  us Marian seamstobesew and Amy sewincrediblycrazy   There are lots of talented people represented!
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Outlander Blocks for September and October posted

Jaime (October)

Clair (September)
sorry I've been missing--lots of travel this summer including a 16 day cruise with Princess (I'm soooo spoiled!)