Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time for more 19th Century goodies (okay, a few from very early in 20th C)--H-K

Some of these you may have seen before.
 This is from a child's 'sailor' shirt from ca. 1880s that I own.

late 19th Century

I 'stole' this from Barbara Brackman so I have no info......


1883 Walter Crumb & Co

 1883 Ledeboer Brothers, Co.

1901 Schwabe & Son, Co. England.

1901 Manchester


1885 Manchester

 Manufactured by J.C.F. in 1883

Black & Co England 1883

hunting scenes chantillons France 1845


1883 Edmund Potter & Co UK

from a pinwheel quilt 1880-1910 (I think Judie Rothermel did this in one of her repro lines, I'm sure I have it)

late 19th Century
Hope you enjoy these!

Monday, March 21, 2016

A few 19th Century conversationals from The Met (plus one from early 19th C. from Winterthur)

Having fun surfing the web and found a few goodies to share. First ones are from the Met. Museum and originated in Germany in late 19th Century :
 19th Century Crests/Shields from Germany

19th Century anchors from Germany

 19th Century anchors from Germany

 19th Century Flags

19th Century 4-leaf clover? (I needed this one last week!)

 19th Century flags in red

 19th Century Germany

 Sun, moon & stars, 1800-1820 UK block print, Winterthur Museum

Small wonders--World Piece by Mary Fons on sale this week

I'll get back to conversationals later (perhaps today, new ones I found at The Met) but had to tell you that World Piece is on sale for $6.96yd!  Here's link:


For pictures of the 5 lines go to previous post:

These are designs from the Baxter Mills, many dating from late 19th Century

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1845 Conversationals from France

These are from page 15 of a swatch book : Sterling & Francine Clark Art Inst. Lib 1845
I've posted the page before but didn't have high enough resolution to zoom in on the conversationals.  Thanks to Wendy Reed, Gloria Nizon and Pinterst, I do now!  Enjoy



 hunting dogs and deer




monkey and fiddler

 weapons (I think I have more of this elsewhere!)
 reference page 15
Sterling & Francine Clark Art Inst. Lib 1845 swath book, https://archive.org/stream/chantillons00unse#page/n15/mode/2up
last link will take you to scanned book with oodles of mid-century fabrics.  there are lots of pages (including several blank pages between groups.)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Play With Me #3 Backgammon

Raw edge reverse applique
Off to link this--don't forget to see the 19th Century conversational fabrics posted a couple of days ago!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

More delightful fabric scraps from the 19th Century French to Hearts

I  wish we could actually buy these (as well as all of the others!), fortunately there are hints of these now and then.  I recently picked up some dog heads from Silver Linings (Laundry Basket Quilts, Edyta Sitar) and birds from Songbird Primitives (Primitive Gatherings, Lisa Bongean) and I'm waiting for bees from Bee Creative (Moda, Deb Strain).  Here are a few more to delight you (sorry for any repeats!):