Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1845 Conversationals from France

These are from page 15 of a swatch book : Sterling & Francine Clark Art Inst. Lib 1845
I've posted the page before but didn't have high enough resolution to zoom in on the conversationals.  Thanks to Wendy Reed, Gloria Nizon and Pinterst, I do now!  Enjoy



 hunting dogs and deer




monkey and fiddler

 weapons (I think I have more of this elsewhere!)
 reference page 15
Sterling & Francine Clark Art Inst. Lib 1845 swath book, https://archive.org/stream/chantillons00unse#page/n15/mode/2up
last link will take you to scanned book with oodles of mid-century fabrics.  there are lots of pages (including several blank pages between groups.)


Anonymous said...

There are definitely some on that page you showed that I'd like reproduced, particularly that golden yellow in the bottom right corner! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Fabulous. I adore the first one of the bugs, even if one of them does look like a tick -yuck! I used to dream that I would come upon my childhood neighbors box of feedsack scraps and open them up and play with them. I bet you do the same thing with conversationals!