Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time for more 19th Century goodies (okay, a few from very early in 20th C)--H-K

Some of these you may have seen before.
 This is from a child's 'sailor' shirt from ca. 1880s that I own.

late 19th Century

I 'stole' this from Barbara Brackman so I have no info......


1883 Walter Crumb & Co

 1883 Ledeboer Brothers, Co.

1901 Schwabe & Son, Co. England.

1901 Manchester


1885 Manchester

 Manufactured by J.C.F. in 1883

Black & Co England 1883

hunting scenes chantillons France 1845


1883 Edmund Potter & Co UK

from a pinwheel quilt 1880-1910 (I think Judie Rothermel did this in one of her repro lines, I'm sure I have it)

late 19th Century
Hope you enjoy these!


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Thanks for more eye candy!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how one can find so many themes repeated? It makes me wonder why horseshoes, as an example, were so popular for a time. Thanks! I always enjoy seeing what you've put together, and there are always some I wish they'd reproduce for me now.

oconnorts said...

1883 Edmund Potter & Co UK-
pretty sure you posted this one before. Still love it and yes you do have a repro of the horseshoe and jockey I call the Kentucky Derby scrap since you sent it to me