Monday, January 11, 2016

19th Century swatches (continued) Bird to cards

I don't think I've posted any of these before--hope you enjoy them.  I needed another 'fix' after sewing with solids today!
 1885 Tanner & Co., UK

1901 Manchester, UK

1883 Crum & Co, UK

1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester, UK

 1883 Grafton & Co

 1885 Allen, Europe

 date?, stole this from Barbara Brackman


Would you believe bombs????:

1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester 

1883 Edmund Potter & Co, UK
Not only bombs, but canons too!

1883 Edmund Potter & Co

 cards anyone?

 late 19th Century



 1883 Edmund Potter & Co

Any favorites?  I simply love the bird dog at the top and the hat & cane!  Now I feel better.  Enjoy

Play with Me BOM (Shock! Not using 19th Century conversationals......)

I'm also doing a few BOMs (besides the Appliqued circle a day and 365 Challenge).  This one requires that I post the block in order to get the next one.  Here's the link if you're interested in playing along:

The quilt is cool--it has 9 different game boards that you can make separately or that you can put together in one quilt.  I added the borders thinking I might make individual boards but now that I've seen the quilt I'm doing that instead (so boarders will be going......)  Since it's 'modern' I'll be doing these in solids.  Here's my Chess board:

Yes--that's purple and yellow.  I'll also be using Orange & Blue and Green and Red!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Are you doing the 365 Challenge? Imagine one in 19th Century Conversationals (Repros)!

I'm having great fun making these wee 3" blocks.  Hope I can keep it up!  I'm using mostly Primitive Gatherings lines and mostly conversationals with a few companion fabrics thrown in--couldn't find my Union blues--still looking for them!  I do have the right colors for these in other conversationals such as Sara Morgans's 'Moon & Stars', Judie Rothermel 'Classic Image 1870-1890s' from 2003 and some Ascot by Windham that I'll be adding in the future (and who knows what else!)

See the right side of blog for a picture.  Awesome quilt, I love little blocks!!
See for more info.  It's already the 10th in Australia, so here's 1-10:

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year with appropriate fabric swatches and note about a new BOM

Happy New Year everyone!

and then a few fabrics, of course
first a couple of repros (and yes, I did have some champagne on New Year's Eve)
 Windham, c. 2014

 Windham, c. 2014
and some real 19th Century ones
1883 Ledeboer Bros.

 1883 Ledeboer Bros.


 1887 detail
Oh yes, there's a new stitchery BOM (which I think you can make into an applique) that you can't get email reminders for (drat) but sine I loved the Outlander books, I might give it a whirl:
Lazy Daisy Quilts (and Reads)-link below and pic of first block, Standing Stones.  I need to add to links on the side if I can remember how to do it! there will be at least one block per month