Monday, January 11, 2016

Play with Me BOM (Shock! Not using 19th Century conversationals......)

I'm also doing a few BOMs (besides the Appliqued circle a day and 365 Challenge).  This one requires that I post the block in order to get the next one.  Here's the link if you're interested in playing along:

The quilt is cool--it has 9 different game boards that you can make separately or that you can put together in one quilt.  I added the borders thinking I might make individual boards but now that I've seen the quilt I'm doing that instead (so boarders will be going......)  Since it's 'modern' I'll be doing these in solids.  Here's my Chess board:

Yes--that's purple and yellow.  I'll also be using Orange & Blue and Green and Red!


AlidaP said...

Very cool colors! Great job with the board and thanks for sharing!!

June D said...

Great colors! Do you mean you will be making more checker boards or that you are using the other pairs of colors for other boards?

Sally said...

I'll be using the other colors for different boards (I'm making the quilt, not individual boards.)