Saturday, January 9, 2016

Are you doing the 365 Challenge? Imagine one in 19th Century Conversationals (Repros)!

I'm having great fun making these wee 3" blocks.  Hope I can keep it up!  I'm using mostly Primitive Gatherings lines and mostly conversationals with a few companion fabrics thrown in--couldn't find my Union blues--still looking for them!  I do have the right colors for these in other conversationals such as Sara Morgans's 'Moon & Stars', Judie Rothermel 'Classic Image 1870-1890s' from 2003 and some Ascot by Windham that I'll be adding in the future (and who knows what else!)

See the right side of blog for a picture.  Awesome quilt, I love little blocks!!
See for more info.  It's already the 10th in Australia, so here's 1-10:


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh how wonderful! I am really looking forward to following these little blocks along. Let me know if you can't find your Union Blues, mine are somewhere too!

Anonymous said...

They are cute, definitely. I'm not doing that one - I couldn't do them all! Much as I wish I could. =)