Sunday, October 28, 2012

Block 23, Corresponding in a Secret Way, Civil War Letter Quilt

Block 23 (#121) Corresponding in a Secret Way, Civil War Letter (#3), Page 251 of Civil War Anniversary Quilts by Rosemary Youngs

This one is a simple nine patch.  Hurrah!

3 fabrics A, B, C

A. Image fabric. Cut one 2.5" square

B. Cut four 2.5" squares (green in picture)

C. Cut four 2.5" squares (blue in picture)

Stitch a B square to opposites sides of a C square. Repeat to make two units. These

are the top and bottom rows.

Stitch a C square to opposite sides of A square to make middle row.

Stitch the three units together to finish block.

These instrcutions are adapted from ones by Jo Crabtree.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obama campaign fabric and Votes for Women

 Obama campaign fabric and Votes for Women on sale 2 FQ for price of 1 this week only!!!

link to BB's fabric--too cool--I've never seen a sale here before!!  Actually all spoonflower fats are on sale 2 for 1, so I actually ordered some that I designed a long time ago.  Now to choose between yellow and purple 'Votes For Women' umbrellas (gotta have that Obama campaign fabric!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Block 22 That Dream of Yours (#120 Civil War Anniversary Quilt #3)

Block 22 That Dream of Yours, #120, page 250 (104)

4 fabrics (blue, red, cream and brown/tan)

A1 Blue 2 @ 2 3/8” squares cut on 1 diagonal (small blue triangles)

A2 Blue 1 @ 4 ¼” cut on both diagonals (large blue triangles)

B Cream 2 @ 2 3/8” squares cut on 1 diagonal (cream triangles)

C1 4 @ 1 9/16” X 2 5/8” rectangles (actually I cut mine at 1 5/8 X 2 5/8 and trimmed after step 3)

C2 2 @ 2 ¾” squares cut on both diagonals (red triangles)

D Brown/tan 2 5/8” X 2 5/8” square (center)

1. Sew cream triangle (B) to red triangle (C2) on each side (see photo) with diagonal of cream triangle at top and red triangles meeting at the point. Make 4

2. Add small blue triangle (A1) to the cream diagonal to unit made in step 1. Make 4

3. Sew units from step 2 to red rectangles (C1), make 4 (trim to 2 5/8” square)

4. Sew 2 large blue triangles (A2) to each side of 2 of the units from Step 3. (see picture)

5 Sew 1 unit from step 3 to opposite sides of center square (D)

6. Sew block together.  should measure 6 1/2"


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Civil War Letter Quilt from Civil War Anniversary, Blocks 9-22

Wanted to see how these were beginning to look (didn't re-shoot first 8)  should not have used the same purple in blocks 20 & 21 (oops) so they will be in a different order than Rosemary's!  Put new block (22 ) between them!

Friday, October 19, 2012

English paper piecing

Well, I'm hooked.  Previously I was making hexagons using 'tuna can method' I learned from and will continue these too since the way I do them you don't need to have backing (or batting!)--see back side of one below pic of lots

Got a free paper piecing 'kit' with 3/4" hexies from Blank quilting/Paper pieces ( and have gotten hooked.  Have made lots of 'flowers' and some diamonds to applique on other projects (making 28 1800s blue/brown/tan flowers to put in border of simplbe one patch quilt of same fabrics)have bought a 'kit' (table runner with axeheads/apple cores, 1" hexies and leaves) and  packages of 3/4" and 1" hexies.  Now I want to make the Hexagon Puzzel that I just saw on

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Block 21 Pious Men from Civil War Anniversary, quilt #3

Block 21 (#119) Pious Men, pg 249, Civil War Anniversary quilt #3, Civil War letters

3 fabrics

A & B are purple in picture

C & D are green in picture

E a tan center in picture


A 4 ¼” square cut on both diagonals (large purple triangles)--this will be trimmed after sewing

B 2 @ 3 ¾’ squares, cut on 1 diagonal (small purple triangles)

C Cut 4 rectangles 1 ¼” X 3 ¾”, align 45 degree line along bottom edge with corner of ruler on lower right--cut from bottom to top along ruler edge

D Cut 4 rectangles 1 ¼” X 3”. Align the 45 degree line along bottom edge with coner of ruler at lower left --cut from bottom to top along ruler egde

E cut 2 @ 1 7/8” and then along 1 diagonal

Putting it together

1. Sew E triangle (diagonal edge) to D along shorter long edge (see picture)--leave ¼” sticking out on each side of E--make 4, press 2 towards E (tan) and 2 towards D (green)

2 . Sew A (larger purple triangle) on to D longer long edge (see photo)--you will align triangle so the straight edge of green rectangle is along right angle of triangle . Press to triangle . Make 4

3. Take unit from step one. Sew unit from step 2 so that the green rectangles make a right angle (the large purple triangle will be much longer than the green rectangle on unit 1), press to purple/green unit. You can now trim off excess of large triangle--align edge of ruler from small E triangle along green rectangle (D) and trim purple triangle (A) in straight line. Make 4

4. Add B triangles to side with green rectangles. Make 4

5. Trim all of these to 3 ½” squares. Sew together as 4-patch matching the center tan triangles.

Hope these make sense--I can sew another one and take pictures if needed, just let me know!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Block 20, Brother on Furlough (#118), Civil War Anniversary Quilts #3

Block 20 Brother on Furlough (#118), Civil War Anniversary Quilt 3, page 248 (& 102)

4 fabrics
A  4 @ 1 ¾” squares (lavender in photo)
   4 @ ½ X 3 rectangles
B  4  @ 2 1/8” squares cut on 1 diagonal (gold in photo)
C  2 @ 3 3/8” squares cut on 1 diagonal (blue in photo)
D  1 ½” square (center) (cream in photo)
1.  Sew 2 B gold triangles to either side of an A lavender square playing close attention to orientation (guess why I’m telling you this! see picture pg 248), repeat to make 4  (Note, if you cut your triangles from square larger than than 2 1/8 you may get ‘floating’ squares in corners, guess how I know…..)
2.  Sew unit from step 1 to blue C triangle, repeat to make 4 @ 3 ½” squares
3.  Sew 1 lavender rectangle between 2 of units in step 2 (watch that large triangle is pointing to center), repeat for second unit
4.  Sew remaining lavender rectangles to either side of small center square then sew this unit to units from step 3.  Square to 6 ½” if necessary
This block is also known as Dove in the Window
Have fun!