Sunday, October 23, 2016

It’s Creepy and It’s Crawly, It’s Eerie Nights!

We are in the Eerie Nights blog hop:
Here are my Halloween projects (sorry, I didn't manage to get the Sew Scary quilt finish, but I love the top!!)
This top was made with 3 of the 4 panels from the Sew Scary line--just too cool what J Wecker Frisch from Quilting Treasurers comes up with!  The panels were released last year but you can still find them online!  After cutting various motifs from the panels (letters and smaller designs) I laid them out on the design wall and started to put them together with strips of the background 'candy corn'--sewing motifs on bottom of main panel, add 2 1/2" strips to the side, add 1 1/2" strips between the next column of  motifs and add it to the larger column, add another strip to the side of this then add 2 1/2" strip to the top.  Add "Happy" plus 2 1/2" strip then add the small candle motif--add this column to the large size you've made.  The last column was staggered as I couldn't cut the letters a uniform size so added various size background strips to the letters first to the right and then to the left.  After completing the column, add to top and just add a border all around.  Great fun!

Here are a few projects I did mange to finish:
Easy placemats (5 @ 2 1/2" strips sewed together, snowball the corners, add leaf and faces, add borders.  I did make some pinwheel pockets for the napkins and flatware.  Lots of fun, great gift!

This one is adapted from Eleanor Burns "Apple Cake" pattern
Log cabin blocks are sooo versatile.

Check out what these artists have created for the Eerie Nights hop. There are also some lovely prizes
being given away as well. If  you missed the earlier ones, drop in and visit! (Thanks for bringing this to all of  us Marian seamstobesew and Amy sewincrediblycrazy   There are lots of talented people represented!
October 20th

October 21st

October 24th

Sally's Quilts--you're here!

October 25th

October 26th

October 27th

October 28th

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The Prize for today is one of these bundles from Timeless Treasures.  Just leave a comment and use the Raffelcopter
Good luck!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Outlander Blocks for September and October posted

Jaime (October)

Clair (September)
sorry I've been missing--lots of travel this summer including a 16 day cruise with Princess (I'm soooo spoiled!)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Sensations July 22--Melon Patch

Many thanks to Marian at Seams To Be Sew for leading this blog hop.  No surprise, she has the best blog hops, always!!  I don't know where she finds the energy for all she does--don't forget to visit her site as she's posting free patterns of summer goodies every day of this hop.  If the Rafflecopter doesn't work below, go to her site to enter!) 

Melon Patch

It's been hot here (117 F today) so anything that can cool you off is good thing!  Hello melons (and Popsicles--I'm eating one now....) This is my first Hop! Hope the rafflecopter and pdf templates work!
Summer means lots of fresh melons:  Watermelon, cantaloupe, casaba, honeydew (had to take a bite of that one!) & crenshaw.... and don't forget the bumblebees, butterflies and dragonflies who come to visit! I had to toss in one heart flower since I just love summer melons!

My quilt is adapted from a pattern by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day and the original pattern can be found here:  Watermelon Wall Hanging. The melon slices can be cut with the Drunkard's Path die from Accuquilt.  The 'Critters' and 'round flower' are also from Accuquilt dies.  The melon rinds were cut using the Quilt in a Day 'Wedding Ring' template set:  Template rulers from Quilt in a Day  

Cut watermelon and other melons colors from several different fabrics (I used a permanent pen to draw the seeds on the watermelon).  I'll bet you can find lots in your stash!!  The watermelon rinds used 6 different greens and the other 4 melon rinds are from 3 different cream/tan fabrics (each used twice for each rind).  After piecing 6 rind (tumbler type) shapes, I used the Wedding Ring Arc to trace on smooth side of non-woven fusible interfacing, sewing it on the traced arc lines with bumps facing the right side of pieced fabric.  Trim to 1/8" from stitching line (or less...)  Leave the end open and turn right side out.  The fusible is now on the back of your rinds and can be ironed onto block with the melon shape in one corner of an 8" square--leave 1" space from the edge of square at top and side away from melon shape in corner when pressing the rind onto the melon--stitch rind down (feel free to remove excess fabric from behind the melon shape).  The rind template has two lines on convex curve--because I forgot to add enough seam allowance on first drawing!
Melon template or just use your Drunkard's Path die!
Melon Rind templates
Obviously this is easier if you have the template rulers from Quilt in a Day, and/or the Wedding Ring fusible from Quilt Smart!

Now for the schedule of other bloggers taking part in the Summer Sensations Blog Hop.

July 21
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July 22
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July 25
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July 26
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Visit Marian at Seams To Be Sew for The Free Pattern of the Day.

Now for the giveaway. Please comment on this post and then enter the giveaway.  Leave a comment at each of the featured blogs on their days, fill out the rafflecopter entry form and you are entered. See above for the schedule for all Lucky 13 participants.Good luck!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Sensations is coming next week

From Marian, the leader of this one (I do not know how she does it all!):

It’s almost that moment you’ve been waiting for all summer. 13 wonderful bloggers have hopefully sat in the air conditioned sewing room and created something beautiful for you to enjoy during your visit to their blogs on their featured day of the hop.
Today I have the honor of posting the schedule so you can plan your week next week to visit your favorite blogs and possibly even meet some new ones.
Our wonderful sponsor for this giveaway is:

Fat Quarter shop is giving a $25.00 gift certificate for each day of Summer Sensations
Friday’s giveaway will run the entire weekend.
and here is the schedule for Summer Sensations…
July 21
July 22
July 25
July 26
I hope we see you there
Marian at Seams to Be Sew will see you Monday with the release of Sam In Japan and Greece, don’t forget to vote. (These are just wonderful, Marian is soooo talented)

Hopefully the rafflecopter will work here when it's my turn! If not, just go to Seams to Be Sew.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Harry Potter fabric by Clothworks 2016

New fabric celebrating Harry Potter at JoAnn's.  I usually do not buy fabric there, but this was a no brainer!

Reg. price $10.99, on sale 30% off plus coupon for 25% off total sale worked out to a little over $6yd