Saturday, November 7, 2015

More conversational prints from my 1880s quilt top (G-H), mostly horses and horseshoes!


 hair comb?

 one of 3 color ways, repeated (close up) below

 brown & blue

 mottled ground, blue and yellow

 black & red

 1 of 2 color ways, blue

 note red 'top on board', 1885 American Print Works

 close up, black

 close up

Much like today, horseshoes are a very common theme.  It is truly amazing that there are so many different ways they are presented on these fabrics.  I do like the jockey cap and nails/tacks and riding crops.  Double horseshoes, for those who are not sure how the keep the luck from falling out.....


Anonymous said...

I suppose in a society which depending so much on the horse, it shouldn't be a surprise there were so many horse fabric prints! I love the ones with the buggy. said...

All these fabrics with horseshoes are lucky! And quilts or other things you'll do from them will bring their owners lots of luck!