Friday, September 18, 2015

19th Century conversationals with people--a favorite theme!

 1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester

 1883 Ledeboer Bros.

1883 McNaughton and Thorn, Manchester



 1880 (love the fiddle)

 1883 McNaughton & Thorn, Manchester

 1883 McNaughton & Thorn, Manchester

 1883 Rossendale Printing

 1883 John L Kennedy & Co, Manchester.  Hey Diddle Diddle!

 1883 John L Kennedy & Co, Manchester



 1885 Schwabe & Son

 1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester
 Schwabe & Son
Okay, so the nursery rhyme one (Hey Diddle Diddle) doesn't have people in it, but since the dish and spoon are anthropomorphized I couldn't resist add them in with these!  Wonder where 'the little dog laughed' is!  Any favorites among these?  Let me know, I always love hearing from you!

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