Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Recently Acquired 19th Century Conversational Repros

I'm always looking for more of these (didn't start collecting fabric until around 2001 or so except for OZ fabric...but that's another story)
I recently purchased a few pieces and was gifted some as well (including the bicycles from Kona Bay from 1993, yeah!!)
 Alex Anderson (I have this in red, black and cream background)

 Ascot (also have red background)

 Judie Rothermel version (Antique conversational by RJR version has brown basket)

 Celetial by Windham

 Concord Fabrics detail

 Concord fabrics showing size

 Clothworks Just For fun

 Judie Rothermel

 Judie Rothermel

 Judie Rothermel

 Vintage Shirtings circa 1860

 Primitive Gatherings Old Glory

 Primitive Gatherings Old Glory

 Just for fun Clothworks

 Classic Conversational Judie Rothermel
 Wine & Cheese Windham (also have on cream)


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