Friday, June 8, 2012

More Reindeer and a few odds and end

Reindeer Games is going strong.  I've finished 3 'whitework' (on green or red backgrounds) and 1 of the appliques one (have another one, Prancer,  ready to stitch but my eyes got tired so thought I should wait a bit!  It's all the fault of doing embroidery in the low lights of my den, I think--let's blaim it on the redwork Sue quilt blocks I'm doing.....)  'Dasher' whitework on Green is below, somewhere....
These are just sew cute!  There's linked button on the right-hand side--join us!

Also working on my 'Quilts From El's Kitchen' (doing 12" and 6" Sugar Cone blocks, my 'homework' for Tuesday!)  Made several charity blocks and 'Quilty Auntie' blocks.

Stopped for a bit on my 1800s Turkey red 'Scrappy Square Doll Quilt', similar to the small quilt below.  I was making it for a dear friend, but we lost her on the 4th.  I will finish it in the near future as a tribute to Gerda, but just can't do it right now.  I did make a wee mugrug today, in her memory.  She was forever telling me to make more, and more and more of these little jewels!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Sally, these are great.Love your applique too! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt(s).

Snoodles said...

Hi Sally! Check your emails for me! LOL (Boy, is my face red!)