Saturday, December 12, 2015

More Conversationals from 19th Century swatches (arrows to berries and 'cheater')

I've been away for a couple of weeks and have been mostly posting pics from my quilt top.  I thought I'd post a few more from the swatches--I think these are new to you (frankly, there may be duplicates previously posted since I'm not always good about moving the pictures to 'posted to blog' folders!)
"Cheater" from 1870

 detail 1870

 detail 1870

 detail 1870

 detail 1870

 1881 weapons stripe

 anchor with dot ground 1906

1883 John L Kennedy

 1884 Black & Co.

1883 Edmund Potter & Co, Manchester, UK


 1885 American Print Works, Fall River, MA

 McNaughton & Thorn, late 19th Cent.


 detail 1887

1883 Bayley & Craven, Manhester, UK



 1885 Allan
 1883 Black & Co

1885 Cocheco, Dover, NH

 1888 Europe

 Schwabe & Son, late 19th Century


1887 Europe
Rather a mish-mash, but as I don't have any Christmas ones, I thought just a few new ones would do!  Enjoy


Anonymous said...

How interesting those are! Something like the weapons would sit on the shelf today, except for a few of us, but there are others that would look great in a contemporary quilt, too. Thanks for sharing. I hope you've been having some fun.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh Yummy! I love the cheater print. I love the stein too, I've never seen one before. I do have the fly in a reproduction do you? I did find something over the weekend that I will get out to you tomorrow. Some old printouts of conversationals and two blue background pieces. Thanks for sharing these wonderful prints!