Monday, May 9, 2016

More 19th Century goodies, Strawberry-swords


  1883. McNaughton and Thorn

 1883 John L. Kennedy and Co. England

 1883 McNaughton and Thorn. English

 1885 Windsor
 1885 Cocheco (yes, you've seen this one before, but I just had to add some raspberries with all these strawberries!)

 1883 John L. Kennedy & Co.

 Late 19th Century

 1884 Chris Wood. England.

  1883 Bayley & Craven, Co. England

 1883 Bayley and Craven Manchester, UK


Hope you enjoy these--almost to the end of these--may have to post conversational/novelty 20th Century ones next......(I also collect feedsacks, less expensive than 19th Century fabrics, but I still have trouble actually using them unless I buy them already cut! When I don't 'win' them or they are out of my price-range [this changes on any given day!]--I save pics to pinterest!)  Alas, these are all just photos.  Should I post pictures of my real 19th Century fabrics that are not conversationals?


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Just when I think you couldn't possibly find any more, you come up with these beauties. Love the strawberries!


thanks for it. Cool! geoteknik

Anonymous said...

That 1884 strawberry on the dark background is one I'd love to own! I enjoyed seeing these, and I'd enjoy seeing your vintage non-conversationals, as well. And the 20th century ones, and the feedsacks. LOL I just like all of it! Thanks so much for sharing your saves.