Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh my, look what I found (and bought!), good thing as I think we are at the end of my previous finds

 1860s looks like flags, so....16"X 43" so I can actually use some, maybe.....

 1870s (ridiculous price but I 'had to have it') 7"X9" piece

 detail of the 1870s dogs above

 1870s bulldog!! Isn't it wonderful?  24"X24"!!

Here's a few I just have pictures of:
1883 Grafton and Co., UK, mourning print

 1876 Centennial print

1829 Alsace, France at Winterthur Museum

 1845 France, weapons


 Francois Pieters (Engraver), Henry Grevedon (Artist) Bolbec, Normandy 1825-1830

 1885 Schwabe & Son (yarn? thread?)

I've enjoyed sharing these with you and will continue to do so when I find more.  I had planned to present a Poster Session at the American Quilt Study Group this September in Tempe (since I live in AZ) but unfortunately my abstract and CV went astray and missed the review process.  Oh well, sigh. I'm in contact with the Philadelphia University to get permission to publish photos of some of their conversationals from the Zane collection (which form the bulk of my research finds.) Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on getting that permission. I'm so sorry your paperwork went astray! I know that would have been of interest to so many people. I love your new finds, especially that flag, and such a nice big piece, too! Thanks for sharing the other photos. Some are a little strange and some I wish I owned. =)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh, good for you! I love to see you rescuing these special fabrics. And who looks at price when you are saving history! (I, on the other hand have no excuse for my giant stacks of fabrics)