I had a post planned for today, but something more important came up.  I’m hopeful that you’ll read this post and and understand why I feel this is important and help to increase awareness by sharing with others.  If you are a blogger, you have my permission to copy anything from this post and share on your blog.  And for those that can share with quilting and sewing friends, I hope you will do so.
Jamie Wallen is an amazing quilter, artist and teacher, also known as Quilters Apothecary , from Indiana.  Jamie is scheduled to teach this week at Quilt Festival/Houston, as well as Vend.  He and his partner awoke Monday to discover his trailer full of quilts and supplies was stolen overnight from the Houston Extended Stay America hotel parking lot in the 2300 block of the Southwest Freeway service road.
For those on Facebook, here is a link to a video that shares Jamie’s perspective on this theft and what it means to him  https://www.facebook.com/jamie.wallen.165/videos/1179636702112600/
Here are photos of “some” of the projects that were in the trailer:


Here is a picture of the stolen trailer:

And this is the license plate for this trailer:

Various news reports in Houston have been reporting this story.  Here is a summary of their reports:
Jamie Wallen of Quilters Apothecary is in Houston for the International Quilt Festival.  His trailer full of $125,000 worth of quilts and supplies was stolen from the hotel where he was staying.
Wallen was set to teach at Quilt Festival, but the thieves got away with his teach supplies, as well as his inventory that he was going to sell at this venue, as well as many beautiful quilts that he was going to share with others to inspire them.  The stolen property conprises over a year of work.  Wallen was going to be setting up his booth on Tuesday (today) for a quilt show that begins on Wednesday.

The trailer is described as a white trailer by the company Universal Trailer. It has an Indiana license plate number of: TR388APP
If you have any information call the Houston Police Department’s Auto Theft Division at 713 308-3500.
You can find Jamie Wallen at:
Again, help is needed to increase awareness of this stolen trailer and items inside.  We need quilters who can help spot these products, should they see them, report them and the person in possession, as well as heighten awareness with non-quilters, in hopes that the thief will return the trailer and merchandise.  All they have to do is return it to the front parking lot of the Houston Extended Stay America hotel parking lot in the 2300 block of the Southwest Freeway service road, or a Houston Police Department parking lot.  No questions asked.
 A GO FUND ME page has also been setup for those that may wish to donate money to help Jamie Wallen.   As Ricky Tims shared “A hefty amount of $$$ that will equal and offset their lost Hoston Quilt Festival revenue and expenses would be beneficial”.  Here is a link to this Go Fund Me Page, where even small donations can help to make a difference: https://www.gofundme.com/jamie-wallen 
Personally, I hope a Donation Jar is setup in Jamie’s booth where ALL Quilt Festival attendees stop by and make a donation.  Even small donations ($1-5) can make a difference.  This guy has massive expenses, plus loss of selling his products at Festival, will certainly negatively impact his income for the future.  Help is needed to show support and help this quilter get back on his feet.