Monday, July 16, 2012

Beginner's Quilt Along update

Beginner's Quilt Along (it's a Mystery!)

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Hi all,
Pat Sloan & Michelle at Quilting Gallery Blog ( are hosting a Mystery Quilt a long (see link button on the side at the right)--join us. I haven't decided for sure what fabrics I'll be using but I'm leaning towards either South Sea's Essential Scrolls (I have oodles) or Northcott's Stonehenge (also oodles of these)!! I'd use Pat's Eat Your Fruits and Veggies (especially the batiks) but they are not out yet!! If you want a sneak peek at these Pat's lucious fabrics (and seriously cool pattern!) look here:
gotta go!
Block 1 is up (9 patch) "Play a Game of Hopscotch"
Block 2 (Fence rail, sort of) "Peek Over the Fence"
Block 3 (Shoo Fly or Hole in the Barn Door) "Time For Ice Cream"
Block 4 (Churn Dash or Monkey Wrench) "Jump in the Pool"
Block 5 (Friendship Star) "Count the Stars"
Block 6 (Calico Puzzel) "Go on a Picnic"

Next one on 19 July at

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