Friday, August 3, 2012

Helping with rotary cutting instructions for quilt 3 in Civil War Anniversary Quilts

Hi all,
The woman who was doing the rotary instructions for this quilt is having personal issues so I've stepped in to help.  I'll be adding a block every week (possibly more)  Linda had done blocks 1-8 (available at Rosemary Youngs groups: under files)
Here are blocks 9-11 if you want to join in.

#9, block 107 Camp for the Winter, page 237 of Civil War Anniversary Quilt by Rosemary Youngs
A 1 ¼ X 5 cream (4)
B 1 ¼ X 5 blue (4)
C 1 ¼ X 5 red(4)
D 1 ¼ X 5 yellow/orange (4)
E 1 ¼ X 5 lavender (2)
F 2 X 5 lavender (2)
G 1 ¼ X 5 brown (2)
Use scant ¼”. Sew 2 strip sets using A, B, C, D, E, & G. Press with Best press, starch or sizing (as edge will be on bias), trim to 5” square and cut on diagonal across strips from base (lower left) of A color (cream) up to upper right (G or F color) . Save the ones with a long edge with cream (discard other or make another block)
Sew 2 strip sets using A, B, C, D, F. repeat sets above
Sew the 4 resulting triangle units together with long cream strips in middle (pinwheel style)
To save fabric:
A 1 ¼ X 5 cream (4)
B 1 ¼ X 4 blue (4)
C 1 ¼ X 3 1/4 red(4)
D 1 ¼ X 2 1/2 yellow/orange (4)
E 1 ¼ X 2 lavender (2)
F 2 X 2 lavender (2)
G 1 ¼ X 1 1/2 brown (2)
Sew strip sets as above
Trim resulting triangular block on 45 degree with 2 straight edges at 5” (or larger, you can trim block to 6 ½ after sewing together). Sew together.
Block 10, No News of Importance (#108 on page 238, Civil War Anniversary Quilt by Rosemary Youngs)Cut:
Fussy cut 4 ½” square
4 @ 2” squares of lavender
4 @ 2 ½” squares of tan, cut once on diagonal
Sew 2” lavender to two triangles of tan, trim tips making sure you have ¼” sewing allowance beyond the lavender square. Make 4
Sew the triangle blocks in step above to each side of 4 ½” center square.

Block 11, The Keys of My Heart (#109, page 239
Cut 6 red 2” squares, draw diagonal on wrong side of 2 of these

Cut 6 blue 2” squares, draw diagonal on wrong side of 2 of these

Cut 4 tan 2” X 3 1/2” rectangles

Put red square with drawn diagonal right sides together at bottom of tan rectangle, sew on diagonal line. Repeat with other red square and with blue squares, making 4. Trim ¼” from stitching line towards point to reduce bulk and press colored triangle back to right side.

Sew red square to blue square, red on top then add the rectangle unit from step 1 above on the right side with red or blue small triangle at bottom (next to blue square) with diagonal of colored triangle sloping from bottom left to midpoint of tan on right. (see photo on page 239 Civil War Anniversary Quilts by Rosemary Youngs)

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