Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home on Furlough (block 12 from Civil War Anniversary)

Home on Furlough, Block 12 (#110 on page 240 of Civil War Anniversay Quilts by Rosemary Youngs)


Red 4 ½” square (cut 1)

Red 3” square (cut 1) then cut on 1 diagonal

Green 4 ½” square (cut 1)

Green 3” square (cut 1) then cut on 1 diagonal

Cream/background @ 1 5/8” X 6” (cut 4)

The pieces are over-size so block will finish at exactly 6 ½”. Sew with scant ¼”

Step 1

Layer 4 ½” red and green with right sides together. Draw both diagonals. Sew ¼” on left side of diagonal line to center (other diagonal line), turn and sew along second diagonal line to ¼” past intersecting lines in middle (approximately 6 stitches), turn and sew ¼” on right side of 1st diagonal line to end. Repeat with second diagonal line. I’ll post a picture. This makes red/green triangles oriented the same for all 4. Cut on both diagonal lines. Press to red.

Cut both diagonal lines on red and green 4 ½” squares. Sew red to green on short edge being careful to always sew red to the same side of green, see photo on page 240. Press to red.

Step 2

Sew cream strip to long edge of red and green triangles cut from 3” squares, centering the triangles. Press towards red on red/cream and towards cream on green/cream. Trim the strips following the angle of the triangles.

Step 3

Sew triangles from step 1 to triangles from step 3 along long edge, matching centers of each. This is oversized and needs to be trimmed. I’ll post pics. Using any ruler with a 45 degree line that goes to the corner, place 45 degree along red/green corner triangle seam with small triangle at corner. Slide ruler with 45 degree on seam so the 2” is at the cream/small triangle seam and the 3 ½” is at the center diagonal line (cream/red-green triangles).

  Trim right side and top. Turn block and trim to 3 ½” square.

 Sew the 4 blocks together as making a 4-patch.

Okay--I know this sounds confusing but it’s very easy to make it perfect this way. Feel free to cut step 1 and step 2 into triangle units measuring 3 7/8”  and then sew together, if you prefer.  If you follow the pressing instructions everything 'locks' together!

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