Monday, June 8, 2015

Antique Conversationals (RJR) and Shirtings 1875-1900 (Moda 2009)

I found 2 more Antique Conversationals by RJR and finally found out who did the "kitten letting the goose out of the basket" one!
 RJR Antique Conversational? (have a wee piece thanks to Karen and Wendy) Judie's Classic Conversationals also had this with yellow basket and Clothworks 'Just for Fun' had this print with blue basket
Item image RJR Antique Conversationals (don't have)
Reproduction print Running dog cotton fabric Antique Coversationals by FJR FASHION FABRICS  RJR Antique Conversationals (alsso red collar light blue and RJR dark green only these have blue collar)--ordered from Etsy
Drummer-Boy-Antique-Drum-Americana-Soldier-RJR-7062-Cotton-Fabric-1-4-yd-22-8-cm Antique Conversational RJR (Christmas ones too)
I'm guessing the bicycle riders and possibly the Hare Riding a tortoise are also are from this line.  Sorry I missed them!

  Shirtings 1875-1900 (have) Music notes Also had a black background. 

 Shirtings 1875-1900 (have) Bows with pin Also black & brown bows

 Shirtings 1875-1900 (have)Baseball with ball Also brown or red bats

 Shirtings 1875-1900 (don't have, darn) Also black bicycles

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Anonymous said...

You've really been researching this. I've never seen a few of those, and I thought I'd seen most of them. Thanks!