Thursday, April 7, 2016

19th Century eye candy for your pleasure (L-N) & special news about Pat Speth!!

Before I post some 'real' conversationals from Victorian days, just had to tell you about Pat Speth's YouTube tutorial--wonderful quilt but note all the 19th Century repro conversationals--I was drooling! Here's here note about the tutorial:

and here's the link to the video:
Now for today's selection--not sure if these have all been posted or not (I got lazy about moving those that I'd posted...oops)

 I have a feeling these are all duplicates from previous (sorry)--more next week

 I scored over a meter or Judie Rothermel's Classic Conversationals 'cheater' this week (from Canada)--very expensive but worth every penny! Just wish I have 5" squares of them all to make Pat's quilt!

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Anonymous said...

Great buy, Sally, no matter the cost. Battleaxes? Who thought that was a great fabric design? LOL Lafayette looks like he has quite a long nose. I love seeing these old pieces. My memory is so bad, I wouldn't remember even if you DID post them before! And battleaxes, I think I'd remember that one!