Saturday, April 16, 2016

A few more 19th Century goodies O

But first, did you see the wonderful conversationals in Cynthia's post on quilts from New England Quilt Museum?  Here's the link to it--check out the 4 Patch Half Square Triangle quilt!!

stole this pic from Barbara Brackman

1867, Old Pacific Print Works

1867 Old Pacific Print Works, Lawrence, MA

1884 Grafton & Co UK


1883 Grafton & Co UK

1881 (re-done in mono-tone by Laundry Basket Quilts, 2012 Paint Box line, recently re-released, 3 color ways)

1884 W. Crum & Co,

1867 American Print Works



1883 Bradshaw Hammond (there's a reprint for this too!)


late 19th Century

1888, pinecones!

1885 Pacific Print Works

1883 Edmund Potter & Co. UK

1883 Edmund Potter & Co. UK



late 19th Century, Schwabe & Son, UK

Yes, some of these have been posted before--enjoy


oconnorts said...

Nice group!

Anonymous said...

The second one looks really modern, doesn't it? I have the light background pears with red instead of blue, but it's a reprint. What great fabrics.