Sunday, September 2, 2012

Grandmother's Choice, new BOW

Barbara Brackman's newest freebie.  She'll be posting a new block every Saturday (see button to the right)  This will be 49 blocks with the theme of The Fight for Women's Rights:  suffragists on both sides of the pond, and Austrailia too!
She's including the number from Block Base so you can easily make them 4" or 12", etc if you want with No Math! (I bought Block Base last week, what the heck--of course, Like EQ 7, it's not actually opened yet.......never did open EQ5) I'm doing 8" and will be using poison green, chrome yellow, chrome orange, other assorted greens and cheddars with shirtings, I think....we'll see if I have enough to get through the year! there will be 49 blocks.
Here's #1 Grandmother's Choice (of course!)

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